Thursday, October 29, 2009

College plans?

I've decided when it's my time to graduate I'm packing up and fleeing the sunshine state for the mountainous region of Washington (state). My aunt lives up there and is utterly enthralled with the idea. Tommorow is my Halloween Haunted house. :] Four friends and myself are going to hang out alll night. How exciting. (:
Today's been okay. Let's hear from you? :] Feel free to comment !
<3 As always,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day's Endeavor

I suppose today isn't my day. I feel like I swallowed a gallon of gasoline and then alongside it downed a lit match and smoldered my insides. I don't understand the cause, I felt perfectly fine earlier this morning. My day thus far has consisted of sufficing two; three hour classes. This Friday I am a participant in a haunted house and I'm rather excited. Friday afternoon If all goes well I will be joining a friend for All Hallows Eve as we prepare for our commitment. I can't wait to engorge myself in mass amounts of foax blood and run around scaring adults and children of all ages. I shall be attending as a teenage zombie. I hope the course of the day advances in a positive direction. (:

As always, Katherine <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Medicated Smile (:

I'm in the process of moving. I've been completely enveloped in boxes for the last few days and I actually slept over the required amount of sleep and I feel worse. I have nearly three more hours of school. Today I'm trying to keep a more collective outlook. Last evening, I recieved an IM in regards to my current relationship asking me to be unfaithful to my boyfriend. After a great deal of thought I declined. Figuring out how to tell him no. Despite it, I still feel awful. I've decided to outlet on writing last night and finished a few more chapters of my novel, So far today has been rather indifferent. Another of my friends has his old personality back, the one I had been missing, The one I loved. When he was dating his last girlfriend, He seemed less enthused with life and he was very dismal and on the breech of depression. He has rehab today at noon and gets out of school early today, and I'm really supporting his turn-around.
As always, Katherine <3

Monday, October 26, 2009

When It All Falls And Burns To Ashes.

My life these days consists of mainly agony. My life's travels have spun in a complete retrospect and I myself feel lost. What I once thought made me happy is now the cause for my despair. The soul reason I felt for my existance is therefore the lack of, now. I now am in a healthy relationship with someone I care about. Why isn't this enough? Why can't I be happy? I feel almost inhuman to the subject now. I just need to learn how to live without and sever the ties. I'm turning to the point where I myself have to manipulate my own mind in order to pursue a stronger sense of security. Since I was able to understand the concept and recognize my malfunctive insecurities, I have always cohesively adhered to them and those are what is brought out in within myself.

As always, Katherine. <3

- This photo inspires me :]